"ZANLURE Outdoor Fishing Floater Bobber AB-008 For Rock Fishing Model Optional"



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"Specification:Brand:ZANLUREProduct Name: Floater AB-008 For Rock FishingColor: OrangeSuit for: rivers, lakes, streamModel: Parameters as shown in the following blank Size Diameter Weight Max Diameter×Height 2B 2.5mm 10.4g 25.2×36.4mm 3B 2.5mm 10.2g 25.2×36.4mm 4B 2.5mm 10.0g 25.2×36.4mm 5B 2.5mm 9.8g 25.2×36.4mm 0.8 2.5mm 9.1g 25.2×36.4mm 1.0 2.5mm 8.4g 25.2×36.4mm Kindly note: Please select the float size based on the depth of water and fish categories Features:Durable fishing floats.Portable, comfortable use.Float bobber is great for all fish.Brand new product with high quality.Bright color for easy searching.Designed for remote, deep field fishing.Bright color makes your fishing activities more enjoyablePackage Included:1 x Floater AB-008 For Rock Fishing"

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